Vaughn Sadekni, MFT, LPC

It is my belief that relationships as well as personal experiences impact our development, shape our perspectives of the world around us, and have an impact on how we function across multiple environments.  My approach to helping others is to determine specific socially influenced factors which block unique personal growth and identity. I often utilize humor and laughter into my practice as I adhere to its medicinal effects on total body wellness as well as overcoming obstacles.

My therapeutic process is deeply rooted in Structural Family Therapy; however I also incorporate aspects of Experiential and Narrative Therapy which are tailored to each individual’s unique needs. I have experience working with multiple age groups and specialize in:  anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and spiritual development.

The most rewarding aspect of my profession is being a life- long student alongside my clients. I value learning about new perspectives and how to continue to adapt together to an ever changing world.

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