Amber Rose-Smith, LPC


Anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal struggles, and life transitions are just some of the issues we face daily that can hold us back from reaching our goals and our true selves. Children, teens, and young adults are exposed early on to enormous amounts of pressure like bullying, mood and behavior changes, and self esteem concerns. I am passionate about helping children, adolescents, and adults jump off the merry-go-round they're trapped on and create new, positive, and healthy ways to cope with life's unpredictable twists and turns or even feeling stuck in the same old. Allow me to understand you and ensure you have a voice.

I challenge my clients to think about things in a new perspective and open their mind to what matters most. By abandoning old maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors, we can then work together to plant seeds for growth. I utilize an interrogative model tailored specially to you to address, understand, and promote healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

My intention is to walk along side of you throughout this journey and never make you feel alone. I will listen to you, validate you, and believe in you and your unique life experiences while being in a safe and comfortable environment. I pride myself on being empathic, understanding, and open. No question should go unanswered. No one should feel lost.

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